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We chatted with three of our Alumni
to see what they are up to today.

Adam Tsui worked at Employsure

Adam Tsui

Employment Relations Consultant

During my time at Employsure I was a member of the Consultancy Services team working as an office based consultant. My role was assisting small and medium sized businesses SMEs understand and maintaining compliance with Fair Work legislation and other key workplace principles. What I really enjoyed about the role was being a trusted partner to employers nationally and from various industries. It gave me a lot of exposure and experience with consulting and tailoring my approach.

After two years at Employsure I decided to return to a HR Generalist role, with the opportunity to work as an internal business partner – shaping organisational strategy. Today, I am a HR Advisor for an international consultancy firm; providing world-class local solutions in infrastructure, urban growth, energy, mining and natural resource management.

Employsure provided me with a strong foundation in employment relations which is a critical skill-set for any successful HR professional. Further, the role and opportunities provided at Employsure developed my consulting skills which allowed me to present to clients a range of options that allow them to succeed.

Alex Schultz

Alex Schultz

Senior Business Sales Consultant

At Employsure, my role was as a Senior BSC, which meant leading performance but also knowing where and when to provide advice and support to less experienced members of the inbound team. The only reason I left was because I was moving to the UK, I genuinely miss the place. The opportunity for employees who work hard at Employsure is fantastic and it looks like the company is continuing to go from strength to strength so if you’re lucky enough to work there make hay while the sun shines!

I now head up the business development and marketing function for a wealth management company in London. Being in London is great, there is so much to do and see and Europe is a stone’s throw so have been making the most of that. I am definitely the palest I have ever been in my life so with summer rolling on in there is a need to rectify that.

Employsure really assisted in my career. It is great being able to use the experience of being in a high growth company and apply it to a similar situation here. I think because so much was demanded of us results wise, it really prepares you to place similar standards on yourself in new work environments.

Employsure as a company is agile and data driven on decision making. I came away with an agile, analytical approach to assessing situations and creating solutions, skills that have been very useful in my current role.